President’s Letter
Summer 2014

I am privileged to be serving as your chapter president, thank you for providing me the opportunity to serve you. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with great rehab nurses and dedicated nurses in other practice specialties. Serving on a professional practice board provides a chance to give gives back to a great profession.

WARN’s mission is to provide local education to members in the state. The money we collect from dues, the annual conference and ½ day education session goes back to supporting continuing education.  We exist to support you in being the best rehab nurses in the state and country.

Our chapter like many chapters struggles to find ways to involve new boards members and WARN members. We are interested in hearing from all of our rehab colleagues across the state; it would be great to have more active involvement from those of you in La Crosse, Green Bay, Oshkosh/Appleton, Marshfield and Woodruff. We need help on some short term committees like getting vendors for our spring conference and Silent Auction donations from companies throughout the state. So if you would like to give back and don’t want to fully commit these are great opportunities to support our mission. It does help if you have access to email as we can share documents and updates. So if you are interested contact me at and/or


We are really happy to have some new individuals step up and join our WARN team. We have always said that we provide on the job training for anyone new board members and we financially support new board members in preparing them to assume their new roles. Let’s meet your current 2014-2015 WARN board.

President and Legislative Liaison                    Judy Klaver, RN, MSN
I currently work at the Zablocki VA Medical Center in Quality Management & Safety. I am a Performance Improvement Coordinator. One of my duties is to prepare and maintain our CARF accreditation for our seven accredited programs. Other duties are Joint Commission prep, collecting and analyzing data and working with teams to develop improvement programs based on the data. I have over 30 years experience in rehabilitation and quality. How did 30 years pass so quickly? It was rehab that got me interested in quality. Rehabilitation has a long history of measuring patient and program outcomes way before it became trendy and required to report patient outcomes. On a personal note I am married to Tom and we enjoy camping, hiking, gardening, boating and spending time with our furry kids, family and friends.

President-Elect                                                            Vickie Stelzig              New Board member
I am very excited to be on the board for WARN.  I am a rehabilitation floor nurse at Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire Wisconsin.  I went back for my nursing degree after raising my family, and completed my education in December of 2007.  Since then I have gone on to acquire my CRRN certification and I am currently a Primary Nurse at my facility.  I look forward to meeting colleagues from around the state, and its mission to offer continuing education that is convenient and close to home.  I know this year working with Judy and the board will be challenging and exciting, and I am looking forward to a great year.

Secretary-Treasurer                                         Cheryl Michler

Program co-chair                                             Marty Castillo

Program co-chair                                             Kelly Crawford             New Board member                     
Kelly Crawford DNP, RN, FNP-BC, APNP, CRRN Aurora Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Aurora Back and Spine Program
I started off my nursing career by obtaining my ADN. As I was going to school I decided I wanted to continue on, and started taking classes to go towards my BSN as well. When I graduated with my ADN it was hard to find a job, but one of my teachers was a manager on a rehab floor. She offered me a job and I took it, figuring I could at least get my foot in the door and gain some experience. I fell in love with rehab. While working on the rehab floor, I decided that it was my passion. I went back to school and completed my DNP degree, which I just graduated with in May. I was offered a job prior to graduating with the physiatrists that I was working with. Right now I work with a great group of people in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department and the Back and Spine Program at Aurora St. Luke's in Milwaukee as a practitioner. On a personal note, I live in the country and enjoy spending time outdoors. I've got a few cats and an 8 month old puppy who is full of energy. I also have a dwarf miniature horse that I keep at a farm.
Past President & Membership Coordinator       Terry Gion


Other Board appointed positions are Web site coordinator, Legislative Liaison and Historian

Web Site Coordinator                                      Lisa Salamon

Historian                                                          OPEN
Legislative Liaison                                           OPEN

The Nightingale Tribute

In my career I have had the privilege of working with two different nurses named Beth. Both were outgoing, joyful and fiercely proud of nursing; and both lost their fight with breast cancer too early. They were both wonderful women the type of  individuals I would hope to be.

The Nightingale Tribute was designed and developed by the Kansas State Nurses Association to be used to honor deceased nurses (RN’s and LPN’s). The tribute is conducted during a funeral or memorial by a nurse colleague or friend. Despite the fact that is has been around since 2003 not many nurses have heard of this or witnessed this tribute.

Why a tribute? Florence Nightingale is credited with introducing advanced education into nursing, leading health reform by collecting sound statistical data, establishing standards of sanitation, and promoting hospital administration modernization. The nursing profession is made up of highly skilled members who use their experience and years of science training in the individual practices, to save lives, as well as make lasting scientific and social contributions to the world. As a distinct scientific profession with its own standards and scope of care, nurses have specialized in their practice providing care in over 90 different specialty areas in hospitals clinics, long-term care and communities. Nurse’s expertise extends beyond health care their influence and expertise is found in research, technology, education politics law and government. For the past twelve years the public has voted nurses as the most ethical and honest profession in America in Gallup’s annual survey. This year (2013), 82 percent of Americans rates nurses’ honesty and ethical standards as “very high” or “high” a full 12 percentage points above any other profession. There are (2008 data) 3.1 million RN’s in the US, 85% are employed in nursing, and nurse outnumber physicians by a ratio of 10 nurses to 3 physicians. That means there are 8.5 nurses per 1, 000 persons. So the chances are that most individuals are or know someone who is a nurse.

Nursing is a calling a way of life. We all know that being a nurse does not stop at the worksite. When you are a nurse you are a nurse to your family, relatives, friends and even strangers. How many of us have been told some pretty sensitive information by a total stranger simply because we are nurses. Nursing is a service profession that cannot be lived in isolation. Nurses rely on each other for the synergistic effect of teamwork in our efforts of care giving. It is appropriate that we honor our colleagues not only during their career, but also at the end of life’s journey.

The Nightingale Tribute is offered by designated friend or nurse colleague. The ceremony typically includes lighting a white candle, offering a brief summary of their nursing career, a special reading and the presentation of a white rose with the casket or urn. For more information or ideas for the readings goggle Nightingale Tribute and you will have many ideas.

In saying farewell to Beth RN the 2nd her family understood how important nursing was to her and how proud she was of her profession. She would often say ‘don’t we have a great profession”. The family incorporated the Nightingale Tribute into her funeral service. Our colleague and her friend offered a wonderful tribute and placed a single white rose next to her urn. It was an incredibly moving experience and a wonderful way to acknowledge life of service. Consider this for yourself and pass this information along to others, this is a great way to celebrate an esteemed colleagues and profession.


Judy Klaver, MSN, RN
WARN President

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