President's Election Update - July 8, 2010

WARN’s election results have been tabulated. Only four of our members chose to vote — three of these were from current board members.

The board met on July 5th and discussed the poor voter turnout. It was decided to contact ARN for direction in this matter.

On July 6, I spoke with Nicole Wallace, chapter liaison at ARN. Based on this
discussion, WARN will:
- Repost the ballot for your review. You may consider the listed candidates for your vote or you may choose a write-in candidate. You will not be able to vote online at this point.
- WARN requests as many members as possible attend the Aug. 11 half-day
conference in Green Bay. This will be your opportunity to participate in chapter
activities by casting your ballot at that time.
- A call for the vote will be initiated by Lynn Morgenstern, nomination chair or her designee. All members in attendance will be asked to cast their vote.

PER ARN: It is your responsibility as an ARN/WARN member to support and participate in chapter activities. This includes the annual election process.


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