President's Newsletter
July 2011

WARN held its annual election of officers in May. Your new WARN board of directors is as follows: Terry Gion,  President; Anne Le Claire, President Elect; Joyce Ennis, Past President; Judy Klaver, Secretary/Treasurer and Legislative Liasion; Mary Victory, Program Chair; Marty Castillo, Program Co-Chair, Lynn Morgenstern, Membership and Nominations Chair and Lisa Salamon, Newsletter/Website Editor.  Due to a resignation, Judy was appointed as secretary treasurer for a one year term.  Open board positions for next year are: President Elect, Secretary/Treasurer and Program Co-Chair.

Thank you to all of you who ran for office and will take the time to make our organization a success. As someone who has been on the board of directors for 20 plus years, I have had a terrific time. Although there is some work involved, I have made so many friends here in Wisconsin and nationally because of WARN. I will always cherish these friendships.  I highly encourage all members to get involved in some way—the benefits out weigh the work involved.

Change is coming — The 2010 election only had four members vote. After talking with ARN, WARN held an election of members present at the August 2010 meeting to have a valid election. Once again in 2011, the concern was raised that there would not be enough ballots cast to have the election official. We did make it but with a minimum of votes. Therefore, the board of directors has voted to change the date and the way WARN elects its officers.

WARN will solicit candidates for board elections starting now and through March 2012. A ballot will be prepared for the April 2012 all-day conference where all members present will cast their vote. If you are unable to attend the all-day conference, an electronic ballot will be available to you the week prior to the conference. Ballots will be tallied on the site of the conference and new board members announced before the end of the day. With this change the board hopes to engage a larger number of members in the voting process. Members present will also be able to meet the new board members the day of the election so you all know who you are voting for.

Plan now to attend the August half-day conference—Marty and Mary have worked very hard to provide you with an excellent program and CEU’s. Remember, if you attend the half-day conferences, your name is placed in a drawing at the end of the day for “free” registration to the all-day conference.

The board also voted to provide the half-day conference site organizer with a free registration to the all-day conference as a thank for the work that person does to provide members with excellent topics and speakers. If you are interested in hosting a half-day conference, contact Mary and Marty.

Work is all ready underway in planning half and all day conferences through 2012—hope to see you at one of these events.

Joyce Ennis

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