President's Letter — October 2010

Fall is quickly approaching-how I wish already for those nice warm days. Fall is also a time to reflect on the year that has gone by. It makes me think of all the changes with the fall colors, things happening at work, elections in my community and in WARN.

The trees are changing every day in my neighborhood. I love the colors but I sure hate to see the trees shed their leaves. I will also miss the hummingbird that has made my patio deck home this summer.

Work is ever changing-new policies, new additions of buildings and staff, and new ways to contain costs. I am sure that all of you are being asked to tighten your belts at work also. The economy and many patients with no insurance have caught up to all of us. The payer mix has changes so much that we will all have to come up with cost savings ideas.

The state, county and city wide elections in my community yesterday had a larger than expected turnout. I think we are all ready for change and hope that our choices will do that in the form of health care that is affordable and covers all.

WARN has made some changes also. With our election in August, we welcome a new set of board members. Congratulations to President Elect Terry Gion, Secretary-Treasurer Linda Landsverk and Program co-chair Mary Victory. Remaining on the board are President Joyce Ennis, Program co-chair Marty Castillo, Nominations and Membership chair Lynn Morgenstern, Lisa Salamon as newsletter editor and Judy Klaver as legislative liaison. I also want to say thank you to those who ran for office this year and who were elected. I hope that you will continue to have interest in the organization and run again another time.

WARN also went electronic this year. It has been a big change for all of us and we will be updating the web site six times per year. Check out for all the latest in news and programming, election information and awards for the coming year.

Fall is also a time to reflect back. In doing so, I am thinking of all the great programs that we had this year. I look forward to the same level of education in the coming year.

I also think of the national conference. Most of the board members are going to Orlando — we hope to see you there too. This is a great time to renew old friendships, make new ones, learn from our peers and come back with new ideas to share with those who were not able to attend.

I pray that fall finds you all well. I hope to see many of you in Orlando and at our next state conference Nov. 17.

Joyce Ennis
WARN President

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