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Present: Anne LeClaire, Judy Klaver, Lisa Salamon, Martha Castillo, Tracy Donaghy, Cheryl Michler; Lyndsy Husar
Excused:  Terry Gion


Approve minutes


Minutes for the last meeting were approved






President’s Report



Transition of new board members will occur after ARN conference in October,  Judy Klaver the President-Elect will move into the President position. 

Revised bylaws that were approved by membership at the August General Meeting were submitted to ARN.

Board Members reviewed the comments of the April 2013 annual conference.   Only 29 people were in attendance.  Emphasis should be to increase the attendance.



CMichler to send update to ARN after the conference

Treasurer’s Report 


From 8/21/13 meeting

Checking:   $14,676.70
Savings:        $3,254.71
Total assets:$17,931.41
CD:   $12,775

$390.00 Deposit for chapter dues
$1224.54 on the annual conference

Outstanding debts:   
    2 winners of WARN dues  2@130 = $260
    2 winners of WARN annual conference registration: 2@ 75  =$150
    Community Benefit award to Fisher House:  $250  
    Posey Inc. $200  deposit for 2014 conference  






JKlaver will provide address to the Fisher House to complete the donation.


Treasurer’s Report - continued


CD           Maturity date: 12.9.2013
Currently the only people who have access to the CD are Sandy Reynolds, Joyce Ennis and Linda Landsverk. We will close out this account and transfer the money to the savings account.


CMichler will notify bank of intention to close and confirm details to transfer the account



Responsible Person


Follow Up Needed





Web Newsletter Report

(Status Update)    
Late Sept/early Oct,
Late Nov/early Dec,
Late Jan/early Feb.
Mid March, early May,
Late June/early July.


Lisa Salamon will need newsletter information by 9/20/2013 including the
President’s letter.
The report from ARN conference will be written by
CRRN exam dates/info will be added to the website
Updates for the April 2013 WARN annual conference including the  location, cost and  topics will be added.


LHusar to write update about August 1/2day conference


Program Chair Report




Updates – Anne Leclaire

The UW Madison Hospital is Stroke Camp for Stroke Survivors and their caregivers.  Cost is $100.00 per person for the 3day event on October 4,5,and 6th.  UW is looking for RN volunteers to assist with the event.

National Rehabilitation Awareness Week, September 15-21, 2013. Discussion of the events planned by each facility included both patient and staff involvement.  Have a great week.!

Contact ALeClaire to volunteer.

November 6, 2013


Bellin Hospital, Green Bay


January 30, 2014

Cheryl Michler

Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Institute, Milwaukee, WI


April 7, 2014



Waukesha County Technical College


August 2014


Need Host site


November 2014


Need Host site


January 2015


Need Host site






WNC/Legislative Report









ARN Conference


Anne, Marty and Lisa will be attending this fall’s annual ARN conference.  They will report back on the events.



April 2014 conference


Anne LeClare confirmed April 7, 2014 for the WARN conference at the same location as this years event, the WCTC. The contract is being mailed to Anne.  No deposit is needed.
Save the date cards and flyer will be sent out in January 2014

Vendor contact will be made by Terry and Lyndsy.  Reminder Posey has paid for the next year event. Vendors will be charged the same as 2013  $200 / booth.

The attendance cost  will remain the same:  $75 WARN members, $95 non-members.  This cost will include lunch.
Follow up on topics and speakers – starred items were best choices to start with

*Neuro anatomy and physiology - Lyndsy
*Violence in the workplace -Terry
*Pain management – managing neuropathic pain -Marty
*Bariatrics – mobility -Terry
Transition in care
Conversion disorders
Artist in residence-Anne
Professional/therapeutic boundaries
Skin management/pressure ulcers - Lisa
Cultural diversity
Lateral violence/healthy work environment
Mental illness/behavioral health
Skin management/pressure ulcers

After discussion of the above topics, the annual conference topics will include Neuro Anatomy, Pain management, Violence in the workplace, Veteran Awareness and Bariatric mobility

The preliminary agenda for the annual conference:
7:30-8:00           Registration/ breakfast

8:15-9:30           Session  1

9:30-10:00         Break & silent auction

10:00-11:30       Session 2

11:30-12:30         Lunch, silent auction and general board meeting

12:30-1:30         Session 3

1:30-2:00           Break and silent auction

2:00-3:00            Session 4

3:00-4:30           Session 5

4:30-4:45           Wrap-up, Evaluation and Silent Auction results









Board members have speaker contacts to Marty by 9/20

Next meeting

November 6, 2013



Bellin Hospital at 11am  Place to be determined.




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